Friday, 8 May 2009


Bad dreams, they are here again.

Like they are always there. Shouldn't think much huh?

Sometimes dreams are not only meant for sleeping, that's what I always think.

For 2 years now, I think I have some problems with sleeping. We don't get along well.
Even tho I love to sleep.

Any help? =S

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Not just another story =)

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful...

Rusna shared these couple of vids from utube. MashaAllah...
I just had a very bad dream last night. Perhaps I shouldn't call it bad, maybe it's a warning dream. sebab da banyak sgt lagha kan... (T_T)
haihh....sometimes we stray along the way...
come on, get back on the right track!

Let's watch this funny vid by Brother Abu Bakr Ruben.
It made me laugh a lot, and almost shed my tears.
Reaaallly worth the watch. Please, watch this, =) (like begging, please, please....hehe)

Enjoy the show peeps!

It's funny how many times he said 'I'm a dead man'.
It's funny how he asked for the signs from God.

But these two really strike me right to the bottom of my heart. He said :
-while reading it (the Qur'an), it wasn't as I was reading a story, it was as I was reading someone commanding, someone giving me guidance.
-'For those of you who ask for signs, have We not shown you enough already. Look around you, look at the stars, look at the sun, look at water, these are the signs for people of knowledge.'


May Allah bless all of us, and show us the right path...

Monday, 4 May 2009

3 days altogether

In the name of the Almighty...

waah, weekend yang sangat best. Let's summarize the events for the past 3 days =) started from Friday, to Sunday!

Siang hari, dengan penuh jerit perih, otazký(the final exams answer scripts) dengan gagahnya cuba disiapkan, supaya malam yang best dapat dinikmati! hahaha....our GDO never failed to be entertaining!

ops, sebelah petang went to accompany Neby n Jenab beli adiah untuk speakers n for the winners for the Medical Career Day. Pening jugak nak pilih2 hadiah...adeh3...camana nak pilih hantaran nih...(hahahha, weyh berangan banyak). abaikan2...

'My Bloody Valentine' was a great movie =) the 3D effects rocked!!

yea, this cute, hot guy appeared to be a psycho?? life's never been perfect. so, okay.

It's the Medical Career Day. The programme was ok, loved it - especially the berlakun part. haha! People were hillarious, had a lot fun doing that too =D

the best part - we won! (haha, jadi nurse pun kira ok la kan.)
credit to the groupmates : Syifa, Aslina(the patient), Ijti, Ajohn(the husband), Mail(the intern), KB(the doctor), Hanif.
xsangka diorang2 nih terel belakun...geli usus dibueknyo

I was glad sbb the day before I went to beli those barang2 pemenang dgn Jenab n Neby. I joked, 'eh, biar aku pilih adiah tempat pertama. esok aku nak amek ni'. thank you Lord for granting my wish =)

Sunday: It's a bright sunny day, the weather was on our side. It was beautiful. =) We went for a boat ride. (tapi kayuh2). What a great day! sangat, sangat, sangat best main bot tu. Looking at those pics make me wanna smile over and over and over again! ! yeay! Alhamdulillah... 5 great people went together - Jenab, Zizi, As, Bob n Me =) sebab capasity satu boat adalah 4 org, jadi kami split kpd 2 boats =S walaupun niat di hati nak naik sume sama2, nampaknye, kne sewa speedboat la plak kalo nak. hua3.... tema wajib : swan kami yang gembira :

kaki yang tak berapa mengayuh: lepas tu kasut basah sket, selam dalam air. hahaha...I found water is very tempting. ;)
reaksi santai mereka =)

Helped Bob to capture some pics. walaupun xde la best sgt hasilnye. ahemmm...xde polarizer la katakan....hahaha....(my excuse) best jugak main jalan2 atas bot nih. seb baek x jacket pon tarakk...hahha....

Wasn't really the right moment to capture this duck flying. But you can see the water splash =)
Satu lagi experience best, tengok itik2 mendarat dengan machonya di atas sungai. Macam flight landing, tapi ni sangat2 macho. haa... Subhanallah...
tapi xsempat amek gambar, sbb mereka sangat cekap. =(

bumped into Nicoletta (right) - my classmate!! looks like she's enjoying her Sunday evening too =) nice Vltava!

Thanks people for a great, great day! saaaayyyyaanngg u guys! hik3...bak kata Jijimon, mcm family outing. hoyeah2...

oh ye, lupa plak, masa kayuh2 tu jumpe jenazah itik yang tersemadi jasadnye di tengah2 Vltava river. Poor itik. May she rest in peace....

Time nak mendarat, saya telah melakukan aksi-hampir-merbahaya yang boleh menyebabkan saya kelemasan. hahha...ape laaa....aiyoyooy....xpe, I love water anyway. haha! (now I can say this. mentang2 la tak jadi ape2)

Last but not least,
Beautiful evening in a beautiful place. Life's beautiful =)