Saturday, 14 August 2010

My sweetie =)

Home is nice and warm, or hot sometimes :P

The air-conditioner dries out my skin. hais.. I wonder how Syarafi can sleep in the cold temperature without a blanket. Budak kecik ni mengalahkan I pulak.. Sometimes I feel like I cannot stand the coldness from the air-cond. Aaa.. The freaking freezing winter in Prague is really a torture. =( (tiba2 teringat winter yang sangat hebat! aaa..)

I slept for 12 hours yesterday. At about 9 am or so, my youngest brother came into my room and made a sound, 'kok kerekk kokk'.. bunyi ayam kejut pagi2. Haiyo!!
Then this morning, he asked me, 'dah berapa hari kakak tak tido? ni bangun lambat' (x_x)
(did u not have sleep in days? why wake up so late) =P ! he said that with a very sweet face and soft voice, and had a very innocent look! hahaa.. I love him.

tp, oh, budak 4taun ni, nak kena ketuk kepala.. hahaa..

He wakes up really early in the morning. At about 7am, he's already up and energetic.
Oh, I remember the first day I got home, I arrived at about 12.30am that night. Syarafi woke up and stayed up until about 5 in the morning! Cool la u boy.

I think I learn alot from this young boy. Too many to mention.

Remember when we were young, the adults taught us the do's and don'ts, good things and bad things in life, how we should behave, etc~
But as we grow up, we forget all those values in life. And sometimes these little kids somehow teach us or remind us what we forget =)

There are blessings all around us. In everything that we see, every single thing that happens. Either in disguise, or they are right there before our eyes.

Happy Ramadhan to all Muslims (^^,)
Have a good day to non Muslims too!


Yushah Latif said...

heeee~ cOmeyyy~
minum air byk2 b~ kering dOh bibir u tu~ =(
*curik2 tutup ekOn pun xpO, time pi tidO =D hik3
srOnOk nye u da balik, happy sangat3..kena guna bbetul mase yg adO nih! i love yOu hOney, love yOu sOoo very3 much!

Syamira Zaki said...

napok ja kering tu.. =P hahahah, xsey ngaku. xleh tutup ekon, sarapi ngamok. hehe..
thank u b jd free-lancer!! =D yeaayy~ blh sopping2 jalan2!! hahaa..
love u too!

Yushah said...

heee anything fOr yOu my lOve!
nak sopim2 n jalan2 ngan u b~
x puah sserO =) x sobar nk tggu next time tu~ hik3

sarapi nngamok eh~ tdO pun nngamOk jgak =Pxpo, kak aa diO panda nngulik key, prektis sOkmo2 dOh nga i key -)
i love yOu laa hOney~

ummihasan said...

oish.. lamanya xbuka blog A, dan oh, lamanya A tak update blog ye.. apa khabar makcik?? study camane?

Syamira Zaki said...

hehehe k ummu!!!
lame xdgr cte!
da tgk gbr hasan. hensemnyeee!!!!!! =))
sini alhamdulillah so far so good. korg sehat ke kat sane