Sunday, 14 December 2008

When things don't come out right

I don't really like what I've been thru for the past couple of weeks. I don't like these stupid problems. And I don't like ppl using the term 'friends' so lightly either. Some ppl can't just say, 'I always treat u as a friend...' or 'u're my friend...'.

One of my biggest weaknesseS (yea, have many) is, I don't really know how to choose the very right words, at the very right time. I can't. I'd rather say what I think, or what I feel because those words are 'right' for me. I'll stand my ground for what I think is right. I won't simply say things that will comfort others if they're not right for me. So sometimes, I just, better shut up. Not saying a thing is better for a person like me. Just don't force me to talk when I don't want to, because at that time, nothing will ever come right from my mouth. and I can't just say, 'Sorry, I slipped!'

p/s : well, I guess I better 'improvise' in this world is about getting around ppl too. my social skill, is soo damn weak. =( and I'll never be sorry. my bad.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Love Knows No Limit

Here's a vid suggested from a friend of mine. I always thot this kinda thing only happens in the movies. huhu...
*even tho it's a very old video. but it's ok, that at least now I've found it! hee*

I am pretty sure this short clip will touch each and everyone of us, deeply =)

How amazing is God's love, now I wonder...

For every single moment You let me thru
I thank you
'cause it has made me the person that I am now
For every single person that I have in my life
I thank You
'cause that's how You teach me love
For everything that I have now
I really, thank You
You are my ONE, and ONLY GOD
I shall only serve You...
Thank You Allah,
with all my heart...

=) =) =)

*even tho I always said that I hate purple and pink, but I think I've started to like'em now. hoho... colors are God's blessings wut... =D*