Sunday, 14 December 2008

When things don't come out right

I don't really like what I've been thru for the past couple of weeks. I don't like these stupid problems. And I don't like ppl using the term 'friends' so lightly either. Some ppl can't just say, 'I always treat u as a friend...' or 'u're my friend...'.

One of my biggest weaknesseS (yea, have many) is, I don't really know how to choose the very right words, at the very right time. I can't. I'd rather say what I think, or what I feel because those words are 'right' for me. I'll stand my ground for what I think is right. I won't simply say things that will comfort others if they're not right for me. So sometimes, I just, better shut up. Not saying a thing is better for a person like me. Just don't force me to talk when I don't want to, because at that time, nothing will ever come right from my mouth. and I can't just say, 'Sorry, I slipped!'

p/s : well, I guess I better 'improvise' in this world is about getting around ppl too. my social skill, is soo damn weak. =( and I'll never be sorry. my bad.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Love Knows No Limit

Here's a vid suggested from a friend of mine. I always thot this kinda thing only happens in the movies. huhu...
*even tho it's a very old video. but it's ok, that at least now I've found it! hee*

I am pretty sure this short clip will touch each and everyone of us, deeply =)

How amazing is God's love, now I wonder...

For every single moment You let me thru
I thank you
'cause it has made me the person that I am now
For every single person that I have in my life
I thank You
'cause that's how You teach me love
For everything that I have now
I really, thank You
You are my ONE, and ONLY GOD
I shall only serve You...
Thank You Allah,
with all my heart...

=) =) =)

*even tho I always said that I hate purple and pink, but I think I've started to like'em now. hoho... colors are God's blessings wut... =D*

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Sweet Starbucks ;) or the ppl I should say

Lepaking at starbucks at the moment, for nearly 5hrs now. Howoo... We already came here last nite, and the workers cud even remember us. hua3... Studying biochem has never been more fun ;P kui3... the abang working here is sooo laa nice. He greets us soo laa friendly, with that cheerful smile =D (ahemm...sesungguhnya ciptaan Tuhan itu indah...) Feel like wanna come here more often. ngeh3... gedix mode after muj mozek (my brain) has bcome a lil bit tepu. neeed a breeaakk.... desperately... got a test tomorrow, and on thurs as well.. huu.. didnt have time to enjoy my weekend this week (T_T).... almost half a dozen of tests in 3 weeks in a row... positive2... think positively pls... this is a training... cant complain of too much work, coz I've already chosen this path. =)

I also missed the chance to watch Madagascar 2!!! huuu.... m sooo gonna seek revenge for that. hahha... my blakang has sakit2 oredi due to looong 'studying hours'. kui3...

Physiology is interesting, yet scary.
Biochemistry is fun, yet unexpectable.
Genetics is trigerring, yet complicated.

The road is long, we're on stony ground...

Jaa ne!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Just Another Story

Bismillahirrahmaanirrahim... For the last a couple of days, after that 'motivational aka psycho talk' with kak mar, I felt somewhat different. I learn to forgive. I forgive myself. I forgive my past. And I felt, really, this feeling of somewhat, better, and more calm, deep down inside. People just cannot live with hatred and anger. That will just make life imperfect. I've read mimmi's blog just now, and the Quran verse just simply caught my eyes and touched my heart. Quran is so magical that it could touch people's hearts just everytime. =) curi this from mimmi. hehe...

" Dan janganlah orang-orang yang mempunyai kelebihan dan kelapangan di antara kamu bersumpah bahawa mereka (tidak) akan memberikan (bantuan) kepada kerabat(nya), orang-orang miskin dan orang-orang yang berhijrah di jalan Allah, dan hendaklah mereka MEMAAFKAN dan BERLAPANG DADA. Apakah kamu tidak suka bahawa Allah mengampunimu? Dan Allah Maha Pengampun, Maha Penyayang."
An-Nur : 22

Yea, berlapang dada. Lower ur blood pressure a lil bit. hehe... Always learn to forgive. Forgive people everytime u are about to go to bed. Some people might say, we can forgive but we can never forget. But I think, that is why we need to remind ourselves, each and everyday, every night before we sleep, we tell ourselves, we forgive them. It will work, eventually =) I believe it will. Everyone's a sinner. How do we know what we did to other people, were never more hideous than what they did to us? We never have a heart that is so pure, so lets just purify it, the best we could =D still have enough time babbling wpun esk ade test genetics. hehe... so, that means, i need to go!
miss this boy soo, very2 much. a pic of him a year ago. (even tho this time entry got nothin to do with this pic. hehe)

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Happy Birthday to You


I have a book opened in front of me right now but I'm soooo mengantoks that I've decided to write a blog. hee... Yesterday (Nov 3rd) was Syazni's and Syahiran's birthday. Yep, they share the same birthdate! Happy birthday to my sweet little boys =)

Looking at their pics makes me missing them more~~

A kurang sopan gambar of Syahiran(in red),together with Syamil (in white) during my previous bday party ;)

A 2 years old pic, during our siblings-day-out

That's all for today. Daa~

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Keep on Movin!

Nothin much I wanna share for this time entry, just a song I loved listening to when I was a kiddo. =) the music's nice, and the words are inspirational too. So, enjoy!

I woke up today with this feeling,
That better things are coming my way,
I bet the sunshine has a meaning,
And till nothing's gonna get in my way,

When the rainy days are dying,
Gotta keep on, keep on trying,
All the bees and birds are flying,
Never look oh you gotta hold on and
Not stop till the break of dawn and
Keep moving, don't stop rocking

Get on up, when you're down, baby
Take a good look aroud, I know it's not much,
But it's ok, Keep on moving on anyway,

Feels like I should be screaming
Trying'a get it through to my friends
Sometimes it feels that life has no meaning
But I know things'll be alright in the end

When the rainy days are dying,
Gotta keep on, keep on trying,
All the bees and birds are flying
Never look oh you gotta hold on and,
Not stop till the break of dawn and
Keep moving, don't stop rocking

Get on up, when you're down, baby
Take a good look around, I know it's not much,
But it's ok, keep on moving on anyway,

When the rainy days are dying,
Gotta keep on, keep on trying,
All the bees and birds are flying
Never look and you gotta hold on and
Not stop till the break of dawn and
Keep on moving don't stop rocking

Get on up, when you're down, baby
take a good look around I konw it's not much,
but it's ok, keep on moving on anyway.

Get on up (keep on moving, keep on moving, keep on moving...)

I know it's not much (keep on moving, keep on moving, keep on moving...)

Get on up (Keep on moving, keep on moving, Keep on moving

Keep on moving - Five

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Lessons learned

Everything that happens, must always have a good reason to it. I believe that. I really do. And this time I learn my lessons too.

I've been thinking a lot tonight. All this while, I have never realized, or perhaps I thot that I have before, but the fact is, I had not! I was so selfish. I only care about what I want. But I never gave anything in return. I was beyond stupid. I hope I am not anymore right now. I never really take good care of those who really cared for me. I barely see what they had done for me, up until now, I slowly opening up my eyes and see more clearly. I never appreciate those who were always around and be there for me. And right now, I think I really can differentiate those who have been sincere all this while, and who have not! Tonight's entry might be a bit emotional, but, be it. I couldn't care less. Perhaps when I look back at this entry in the future I will laugh. But now, let me just express every madness, every anger, every whatsoever that I have. I just couldn't sleep thinking about all these stupid matters.

I really hate this foolish world. Sometimes I do hate myself thinking about stupid things. haihhh... let'em out for once, and I won't think about'em later on anymore, I hope.

I miss those people who always treat me good, always listen to every single thing that I'm saying. I miss my good, no, GREAT friends! I'm a bit jealous right now, thinking that they already have new good friends... Perhaps before this God only shown me what is it like to have everyone good around me. And now He wants me to compare, how does it feel like when suddenly I cannot have those ppl anymore??

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Mengembara Itu Jiwa Anak Muda


We had a basketball practice this morning. We were super late as we woke up very late and we couldn't help ourselves as we went to bed very late last night.

And in the evening, I went to the ceramah by Mahfuz Omar. But I was really bad, that I fell asleep 10mins after the ceramah started. =( and I woke up really at the very end of the ceramah. huwuu.. But at the end of it, I was glad that at least, I still have something to pick up and bring back home =) (yeay!). It is this phrase :

'Mengembara itu Jiwa Anak Muda'

It sounds really catchy to me. He was right (this quote wasn't from Mahfuz Omar, but from a guy I can't remember the name of). We travel, so that we gain experiences. We patch everything up, every little bits n pieces and we make our own stories out of it. We learn things this way. We hear and listen. We see and observe. It's the experience that helps us to understand how life works. Life has never been fair, some people say. I don't really care whether life has been fair or not. But what matters the most it, how God has planned things for us, and how we let ourselves to strive and pass His tests.

It'll take the whole time in the world to understand the philosophy of life. And it takes more than that to understand what 'destiny' or 'fate' means. I really have blurry ideas about those two things. And I also heard people said it once, that those could never be understood. So I have come to a conclusion, that it is not our job to think about what has been fated. But our 'real' job is to open our hearts, let the nature takes its course, and see what we can do about it. It is like, in the examinations, the questions have been prepared, and our task is to answer the questions the best we can!

I love to think about this life in my free time. And most of the times I couldn't even find the answers to my questions, due to my shallow level of knowledge. I also can end up having a headache thinking about this. Aihh~~ But I really wanna travel and learn more. =)

Allahumma faqqihna fiddin, wa'allimna ta'weela...

That's all for today.
Jaa, mata ne (see u next time)

Ganbare ne!

Here's the song from 911-The Journey
911 - The Journey - 911

Time waits for no one, sure as the tide pulls the ocean
Sure as the path thats been chosen cannot be changed
In my lifes destination, I searched for the explanation
For some kind of reason for my sorrow and pain
But in my isolation, I learned to listen
To be thankful for the love that Id been given

This is my journey, journey through life
With every twist and turn,
Ive laughed and cried as the road unwinds
This is my journey, and Ive learned to fight
To make me strong enough, to lift me up,
to bring my dreams alive

In my desperation, I swore never again
Would I hear all the laughter of my friends and my family
A million tears that Id cry & then began to dry
Silence of the night timeI i have come to realize
a sweet inspiration filled my horizon
Gave me the heart to go on and never would give in

This is my journey, journey through life
With every twist and turn,
Ive laughed and cried as the road unwinds
This is my journey, and Ive learned to fight
To make me strong enough, to lift me up,
to bring my dreams alive

Im going to love each moment of every day and every night
Ill look back to the past with the sweetest smile
For now, I realize Ive been given the key to life
Ive been kissed by the angel by my side
Oh, yeah

This is my journey, journey through life
With every twist and turn,
Ive laughed and cried as the road unwinds
This is my journey, and Ive learned to fight
To make me strong enough, to lift me up,
to bring my dreams alive

To bring my dreams alive
To bring my dreams alive

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

So I decided to write...

In the name of Allah, The Mosst Gracious, The Most Merciful.

This is my first time writing such a post. Not thinking of any subjects, or topics in particular right now. I don't really know why at last I decided to have my own blog. I used to think it's just a trend to blog. I need not follow. And now I myself following the footsteps. I wasn't interested at the first time. I just, had been doing some re-thinking of the idea after my uncle some sort of 'urged' me to blog... He said it's cool to waste my time blogging. Haha... What an idea. But I really hope I will write up, or post things that are beneficial for others to read. \(^^,)/

I always tell people I am not good in writing, never good with words. Well, lets just give it a try. I hope I'll improve. =) I don't have much free time tho. It's pretty much tiring being a med student. Am not really whining about it right now. Just talking about what I'm going thru.

Done with the talking for this first trial. So, lets start blogging!
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! =)