Monday, 31 May 2010

Teeny tiny technical problem

Dear friends,

I do not know what is wrong with the sidebar gadget, but somehow the 'My friends' thoughts' column has gone crazy. Only Yushah Latif's link seems to appear available.
(nak pulak yg tu lekat kat situ :P haha)

I've edited a few times, and I think I still have to work a bit more on it. *dush3..tumbuk the new layout for causing me to face this kind of problem*

OK, till later, have a good day everyone!

Salam 'aleyk..


Xiang Yan said...

HAHAHAHA ish la nak promote Yushah Latif tu!:P

Yushah said...

heee i like dis One~ keh3 macam tau2 jaa =D hik3

Syamira Zaki said...

PXY :: hahaha.. it's ok now :D

YuShah :: double stended aa blogspot nih ;) hehe