Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Things left unsaid


So here's the update. I was trying to get back to blogging again but I couldn't do it at first! It took me a while just to figure out how to create a post. *sigh*
I'm sooo out-dated in this blogging thing that I couldn't even find the sign in bar or anything. Or is it because of the layout that caused the problem. So after a few godek-godek here and there, here I am again =)

And why do I decide to start writing again. Sure one thing is that I'm not the consistent type in doing anything. So bersemangat at first and everything will go down the drain and I will pick them up again after a while. Arr~

Another thing is, because of the subject Clinical Biochemistry. Yea, does not sound related. Believe me, it was one of the triggers. I was in class on Monday when the subject first started to roll, and guess what, the lecture got so boring (yup, shud've guessed that folks) and I got my phone in hands and it hit me to check on my blog that's been left untouched for a year now. I re-read some of the posts and it occurred to me that I might have forgotten all about the stuff if I never wrote them in the first place.

Every post has a story behind it. And when I looked at all the pictures again, they remind me so much of the good and fun stuff I had in the last few years. So much for reminiscing, eh? Well it's a sign of ageing you know. 

I read this one old post and I saw the picture of me with the sad face and the entry was about me complaining how hard the day has been, how hard was the test, (and I think I failed. hahaha), and hungry I was, how I was stood up by a friend, bla3.. all the bad stuff. But then I remembered, one thing I did not mention about in the blog was, it was that very evening, in Old Town Square, near the Astronomical clock, (all the dramas need good settings right?),  that I told a friend, 'He's the one'. Even thou I did not get a good reply from that friend of mine, (by good I mean sth like 'congratulations' or 'I wish you the best' or anything pleasing to the ears =p), I was pretty much confident at that time. That friend told me that it was too early to jump into anything, or maybe I was too fragile or anything. But then my reply was sth like, 'You could say anything you want, but I know he's the one'. 
Looking back, I know I still don't regret what I said. And now that 'one' person has become an awesome, awesome husband of mine =) and I wanna write this down because I will, want to be the in the future and re-read this and smile. One of the things I'm glad I did. 

So much for sharing a love story. Haha.. Well it's because I've decided to focus on the pretty things that's happening or have happened in my life. I is trying. Chase away all the bad or negative thoughts that will only gimme headaches. See, I even write that one small so that I don't have to focus on them. Haha. I is trying still. 

Public Health state exam is tomorrow. *freaking out begins as I haven't finished studying the first round*

Thats for now. A long one.

Me, My Husband and food go well together. Taken from our honeymoon in Venice, A lunch at the Grand Canal


nora~zizi said...

i deleted a blog post of mine after reading yours!
betullah, need to focus on the good things!
thank You Allah~

Syamira Zaki said...

hmmm should be the things left unwritten. haha. thank You Allah =) life's too short to fo-cuse (as the czechs pronounce it. haha) on the bad stuff

nora~zizi said...

yup2.. we could use the time and space for kebahagiaan instead of kebencian. kekeke~